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Come and visit our new information center where you can find out everything you can do in the area which is right up your alley!

Who we are

The City Tourist Information Centre at 42 Sant Jaume Ave. in Amposta was inaugurated on 21 March 2015, even though the municipal tourist information service has been around since 1995.  It belongs to Catalonia’s Network of Tourism Offices, and not only does it serve as a centre for tourist promotion and information, it is also a culinary centre: “Espai Ebre Km 0”. Our mission is to deal with, orient and offer support for visitors to the city. We provide information and help related to accommodation, transport, services, tourism resources, shows and other cultural and leisure activities.  In addition, we play an important role by providing information to citizens, handling queries about activities and resources of the municipality and the Ebro Delta, and providing information on other destinations in Terres de l’Ebre.

What we do

We work to promote Amposta as a tourist destination. Our work consists in informing and advising people on and disseminating the tourist activities (cultural, sports and leisure activities, shopping, museums and interpretation centres, accommodation and restaurants, etc.) of the municipality, the Ebro Delta and the rest of Terres de l’Ebre. The Tourist Office has a vital role to play in Amposta’s tourism promotion and planning in all its aspects: art, culture, food, sports, shopping, nature, etc. We distribute tourist promotional materials of other private organisations and companies (tourist offices, accommodation companies, restaurants and tourist services, etc.).

We create tourist maps and pamphlets of the municipality and the Ebro Delta.

We create a weekly calendar with what’s happening in Amposta which we send all our users through a newsletter and post on social media and our website.

We manage and coordinate cooking workshops at Espai Ebre Km 0, cooperating with local producers and restaurateurs.

We create tourist products (guided tours, cycling events, public activities, culinary events, food festivals, etc.) for the purpose of promoting and invigorating the municipality, raising awareness on the diversity and uniqueness of this region.

The building – Espai Ebre Km 0

This tourism and culinary promotion centre, in the Tourist Office itself, is a hymn to the region’s beauty and pays tribute to its predecessors who tamed the uncultivated lands of the riverbank and shaped the plains and slopes of the mountains, as well as to all those who have lived their lives tied to the land for many generations. They are the ones responsible for creating the landscapes and culture that have been declared a Biosphere Reserve by the  UNESCO, which we are proud to share with everyone who pays this centre a visit, as they take in the landscape of the sea, orchard, riverbank and dryland.

42 Sant Jaume Ave.
43870 Amposta, Tarragona

Monday - Sunday from 09:30 to 13:30


It is a song with the beauty of the territory and a tribute to the ancestors who brought the desert from the shore and tore down the plains and the banks of the mountains, as well as all those who have lived through the generations over generations.