Cooking Workshop: Superfoods

In this workshop we will enter into the world of superfoods, living foods with high nutritional density, and discover all the benefits they bring to our body.

Useful information

  • Where: Oficina de Turisme d'Amposta, Avinguda de Sant Jaume, Amposta, Espanya

Saturday, March 23, 2019
Time: 10:00 a.m.

If you’ve heard about xia, quinoa, turmeric, acai … and you would like to introduce them to your life but you do not know where to begin, in this showcooking style workshop, we’ll reveal the mystery that lies behind this trend.
We will investigate what foods are included and why, what are their nutritional properties and how to introduce them without complications in our diet. In addition, we will see at home, at the local level, we already have a lot of superfoods, known and very interesting, in which we have not even set ourselves.
We will elaborate three recipes of vegetable origin (which we will then taste), without sugars or refined meals, and absolutely delicious. So incorporating healthy eating habits makes you easy and fun and, in addition, gains in vitality and energy at all levels.

This workshop is free.

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