Sant Carles de la Ràpita – Casa de Fusta

Ebro Delta Natural Parc

A route through one of the least known places of the Ebro Delta


  • Duration: 4:00 h.
  • Distance: 24.4km
  • Location: Palau Firal - 43540 Sant Carles de La Ràpita
  • Arriving by: Bike, Walking
  • Seasonality All year
  • Difficulty Low

Description of the route

For reasons of private property and hunting season, this itinerary has two variants depending on the time of year.
From March to September we start the route at the San Carles de la Ràpita fairground (km 0). With the pavilion on our right, we continue on
until you reach the junction of the road that joins La Ràpita with Poblenou del Delta (Km 0.5).
We continue with absolute caution on the road for 400 m, until we see a dirt road and the indicative sign of the itinerary on our left. Turn left, cautiously, leaving the road, and continue straight on the dirt road. After 200 m, we will cross the Sèquia de Mar (km 1,1) and continue to the left on a dirt road that, at the beginning, will have an irrigation canal on the left and then while We pedal, we will observe three typical river banks on our right. After 900m, this road turns to the right (Km 2). Then turn right and continue straight ahead. We will have rice fields
on both sides, for 1.1km. After this distance, on our left we will have a row of boulders and splinters and, behind, a dense formation of reed that tells us that we limit ourselves to the Ermés de Vilacoto or Casablanca (Km 3,1), zone from the private property park.

In winter, the Erms are home to an important octopus of hawks and, in summer, it is relatively common to observe the picaporte or repicatalons. We continue along with the Erms on our left and the rice fields on the right for 1,1 km, where we will have to turn to the left, obliging the Maquineta (Km 4,2) . We turn left and continue along the dirt road, with reference to the Maquineta drain on the right and the Barriers on our left. After 500 m we have rice fields again and, after 1 km, turn right (km 5.8) in search of the La Encanyissada raft. We continue the dirt road for 600 m further until we reach the canal of the English and the road of the same name that is born in the Ullals de Baltasar (km 6.4). At this point, we cross the English and the road and we continue along a dirt road that is born in front of us to the right. We continue for 900 meters, almost at the end of the Camp de la Mas, until reaching the Great Sèquia (Km 7.2). At this point, we have to cross the drain through a green iron bridge, which is suitable for bicycles.
Once crossed the drain, we can optionally approach the viewpoint of Patrau located 250 m on our right. Also at this point we are connected to the itinerary number 1 The lagoon route.
Our route, but continue to the left. Then, after crossing the bridge to the left and after 1km turn right to link, after 400m with the Encanyissada bike lane. At this point we are also linked to route 6 Amposta-Ullals-Casa de Fusta. We continue along the bike lane, looking for the Wooden House. After 2.7 km we reach the Mirador del Carreter (Km 11.2). We continue on and after 1 km we arrive at the Casa de Fusta, an emblematic building of the Delta, Information Park center, and which hosts an exhibition on the Delta rafts (km 12.2).

From March until September, we return on our passes for a total route of 24.4 Km.

This itinerary passes through rural roads (64%) by bike lane (28%) and by road (8%). Land (92%), asphalt (8%).

From October to February
During the hunting period, from the beginning of October to the end of February, the Vilacoto area is closed, so the itinerary must be carried out in the following way: We make the same initial route that from March to September, though
When crossing the Sèquia de Mar (Km 1,1), we turn to the right and continue along a dirt road that runs parallel to the Acequia for 1.8 km, when we run into a private property and we will be forced to incorporate -Welcome to the road that joins La Ràpita with Poblenou del Delta (Km 4). We take the road to the left and, with absolute caution, we follow Poblenou direction. After 850 meters, we leave the road, turn left and join an asphalted road, the path of the English Channel (Km 4.9). We continue for English (it receives the name of the canal that accompanies it parallel) for 2.1 km, where we will cross the bridge that saves the Acequia. From here we follow the same itinerary as in the spring-summer, finding the Mas de la Campana and the iron bridge (km 7.8); the link with the Encanyissada bike lane (km 8.9); the Mirador del Carreter (Km 11.9) and the Casa de Fusta (Km 12.9). From October to February, we return on our passes for a total route of 25.8 Km.

This itinerary runs through rural roads (40%) by bike lane (28%) and by road (32%). Land (68%), asphalt (32%).

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