La Carrova Tower


Meeting point of diverse cultures on the banks of the Ebro River


  • Duration: 2:00 h.
  • Distance: 8km
  • Location: Torre de La Carrova, Amposta
  • Arriving by: Bike, Walking
  • Seasonality All the year
  • Difficulty Low

Description of the route

From the fluvial port of Amposta, head to the old town center. Go up San Juan street where Plaza del Aube is located.

Follow the line of the channel on the right of the Ebro, upstream. When leaving the town, follow the road that runs parallel to the channel on the right of the Ebro. On the way to the Tower, before crossing the bridge of the AP-7, there are two rice mills, the first of the Delta, the Xapon and Calatrava, nowadays in disuse due to the development of agricultural cooperatives.

Hundreds of small gardens, that form one of the river terraces with more historical importance of the area, are crossed, sample of it are the archaeological findings that the Museum of the Ebro Lands guards, among them those of the Roman villa next to the tower. On the banks of the river you can still see small redoubts of riparian forest.

Without leaving the path of the channell we will find the La Carrova Tower, of medieval origin and that was part of a set of watchtowers and defences built along the Ebro river.

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