GR92: Mediterranean trail

Phase 31: 24.9km

Amposta - Pont de l'Olivar (Ulldecona)


  • Duration: 6:18 h.
  • Distance: 24.9km
  • Location: Amposta
  • Arriving by: Walking
  • Seasonality All year
  • Difficulty Low

Description of the route

It is the last stage of the GR 92 in Catalonia. It is made up of the Montsià crossing.
It is also interesting to do the route in the opposite direction to that described, as you can see the spectacular contrast that occurs in La Foradada, with the appearance of the sea in front, after a climb through hard and inland terrain.
Although the stage as described is a bit long, cuts can be made if the appropriate means of transport are available. For example you can start at the junction of the N-340 road, pk. 4,900 of the trail; it is also typical to finish it in Ulldecona, which shortens half an hour over the total schedule; the pk. 17,800 of the trail is also accessible by coach.

00,000km 0:00h     Amposta.
00,400km 0:06h Canalet de la Ràpita.
01,850km 0:26h Comporta.
03,900km 0:56h     L’Enclusa.
04,400km 1:03h Antic traçat de via de tren.
04,900km 1:10h     Lligallo del Mas de Miralles.
08,050km 2:00h     Collet.
09,150km 2:15h     Pla de Gallos.
10,000km 2:35h Connexió amb el PR-C 83.
10,340km 2:40h     Font d’en Burgà
11,490km 3:00h     Mas de Mata-Redona.
12,570km 3:17h      La Foradada.
12,850km 3:22h     Collet de la Foradada.
13,110km     3:25h     Placa en record de Llibert Carulla, promotor del GR 92.
13,270km 3:28h     Connexió amb el PR-C 83.1
13,970km 3:40h     Mas del Comú.
m 3:52h     El Caragolet.
17,800km 4:45h Pont sobre el barranc de les Codines.
20,110km 5:20h Autopista AP-7.
21,430km 5:40h Sèquia de la Foia.
21,960km     5:47h     Via del ferrocarril.
22,670km 5:57h     Ulldecona. Connexió amb el GR 8.
24,790km     6:28h     Molí de l’Olivar.
24,980km     6:30h     Riu Sènia. El pont de l’Olivar permet creuar el riu.

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