GR192: Wind Route

Stage 5: 24.3 km

From Punta de les Moles to Amposta, where it join GR 92 together.


  • Duration: 5:55 h.
  • Distance: 24.3km
  • Location: Bassa del Povet de l’Amorós
  • Arriving by: Walking
  • Seasonality All year.
  • Difficulty Low

Description of the route

The GR 192, also known as the Camí del Vent, was conceived as a variant of the GR 92 and, in fact, has a route parallel to this other path. It has been signposted since 1996 and connects Cambrils with Amposta by the interior of Tarragona region. The hundred kilometers of its route cover interesting natural areas, such as the mountains of Vandellòs or the mountains of Cardó – el Boix, as well as reaching the very banks of the river Ebro. The name Camí del Vent is given to it by the intense presence of this element in various places along the route, especially in the Perelló area, where a number of wind farms bear witness to this reality.


0,000km 0:00h Balsa Povet de l’Amorós.
1,070km 0:16h Ravine Font de la Gràcia.
4,600km 1:11h Lo Fortinet.
7,060km 1:48h Balsadel Coll de l’Alba.
7,360km 1:53h Hermitage Mare de Déu del Coll de l’Alba.
8,260km 2:07h Creu de Collredó.
11,540km 2:58h Ravine de l’Espluga.
13,560km 3:26h RavinePont Trencat.
16,290km 4:03h Campredó, plaza Tomàs Cardona.
17,790km 4:26h  Houses Font de Quinto.
22,890km 5:36h Riu Ebre, suspension bridge
23,110km 5:39h Amposta.
24,180km 5:53h  N-340 Road
24,380km 5:55h Connection with GR 92.

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