The Areas of Trade and Tourism declare their interest and commitment to achieve a high quality in their services and thus meet the expectations and requirements of the related stakeholders, in compliance with the Strategic Plan of the City Council of Amposta.
Establishing the approach of the risks and opportunities that can affect the conformity of the services.
To achieve this goal, the Councils with a proactive leadership involved in the day to day in order to achieve the satisfaction of the human team that performs the service.

That is why it is necessary:
To have technological means that will allow to optimize the resources, offering a rapt service, quick, efficient and competitive.
Convinced that the continue improvement is the way of growing solidly.
Comply with legal and regulatory norms.
The Department of each Area will communicate this policy to all the staff and will make it available to all interested parties on the website of the City Council.
It will be reviewed annually in order to adapt it to the social, professional and operational changes of the Areas.