Gastronomic Festival of Rice October 2019

Durant aquestes dates diversos restaurants d’Amposta oferiran menús especials per celebrar les Jornades Gastronòmiques de l’Arròs, amb aquest popular cereal com a ingredient protagonista.

Useful information

  • Where: Amposta, Espanya

The collective “L’Essència de l’Arròs. Amposta – Delta de l’Ebre”, is made up of several restaurants in Amposta and is the product of work that has been affected for some time after the Association of Restauradors d’Amposta . Its objective is to position Amposta and Delta del Ebro internationally as the Catalan capital of rice cooking. In this sense, with the support of the Arròs Montsià Chamber, the group will present the two gastronomic festivals of rice with which Amposta wants to promote rice cooking and coincide with the one planted in June and harvest in October.

You can download the list of the restaurants and their menus here: Rice Festival October 2019

Jornades de l'arròs llibret