Train at the best facilities in Terres de l'Ebre

In Amposta, a centre with all the resources necessary to train elite athletes, particularly in fencing and rowing, is at your disposal.

Useful information

  • Where: Centre de Tecnificació amposta
  • Timetable: -
  • Telèfon: 977 70 74 83
  • Email: cte@amposta.cat
  • MORE INFORMATION: http://www.ampostaturismesports.cat/

The sports area, which covers more than 60,000 m², together with its sports facilities, comprises the High Performance Training Centre, which provides all the resources and services necessary for high-performance training. It is now considered to be a leading centre for certain sports such as rowing and fencing at the national and international levels. Here, elite athletes can train for their respective sports while studying at the same time, with the support of research on applied sport science.

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