Terres de l'Ebre sports technification center

The Terres de l’Ebre Technification Sports Centre is an organism that supports the local and territorial sports in the Terres de l’Ebre to make it more competitive at the national and international level; optimizing all sports resources that are in Amposta, as many as facilities like professional athlete. The CTE TTE has got the necessary means to train and prepare the athletes, realizing a dual formation during their studies. In this way, the young students will be able to combine their academic studies with the highest level of sport.

Center facilities

The sports area have hot more than 60.000 m² and it forms the technification center. It offers the necessary resources and services for the high performance training, which has become the reference center at national and international level for certain sports such as rowing or fencing.



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Amposta Nautical Club
Athletics track
Fencing room
Municipal pool
Municipal Stadium Ampostí
Sports area


Services to athletes

The work of the management of the center consists in make easier the evolutionary stages which athletes live with.
For this reason, all resources are available to guarantee the personal development for the athletes.

Resources available to athletes:

Sports medicine

To offer a quality and reliable medical service, the centre collaborates with the Amposta Regional Hospital, so that it take care of the technical athletes.
At the beginning of the school year, various individualized tests are carried out on athletes to assess them and monitor their health.

The competencies attributed to the medical service are:

  • Athlete status assessment
  • Diagnosis of injuries and subsequent treatment
  • Collaboration with the physiotherapy department



The Centre has got a room equipped for physiotherapy. The physiotherapist visits the center weekly three alternate days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and is there for two hours a day.

The functions of the physiotherapist are:

  • Make an analysis of medical reports and each injury
  • Perform the appropriate treatment
  • Follow up on the treatment you have carried out
  • Know and evaluate the treatment if it has been performed by another specialist
  • Advise athletes on the efforts they may be subjected to

Nutrition and dietetics

The centre have got one living dining room which is supervised by one nutritionist, who adapts the daily meals to the needs of the athletes.
The tasks that do the nutricionist are:

  • Menu design
  • Evaluation of the canteen service
  • Prescription of special diets in allergies, food intolerances and other pathologies
  • Special diet planning


Physical Preparation

The physical preparation is an indispensable tool in the development of the athlete, because it allows increase the athletic performance and it allows avoid injuries and improve recovery. It’s a mean of acquiring healthy lifestyles and has been shown to have a positive effect on academic performance.

Some of the tasks which performed by this department are:

  • Load planning and control
  • Preparation of the necessary material
  • Advise the technicians of the Center
  • Collaborate with technical sports technicians
  • Injury prevention work proposal


Dual training involves demands, in which adolescents can face stressful situations in both academia and sports, as they face constantly changing changes. Students are teenagers and therefore these situations can affect their academic performance but also their personal life. For this reason, the psychology service is made available to athletes, whose function is to make it easier for them to understand the different situations in which they find themselves. The tasks corresponding to the Department of Psychology are:

  • Athlete status assessment
  • Planning and programming on the actions to be carried out
  • Monitoring of actions
  • Collaboration with the tutoring department
  • Preparation of individualized reports


The Center offers an individualized tutoring service for each athlete. The functions it fulfills are the following:

  • Attention and monitoring of athletes
  • Support personal development
  • Inform and advise athletes
  • Identify and monitor the needs of athletes
  • Foster a good climate of coexistence
  • Work as a team with the rest of the Centre’s technicians


Residence of the Terres de l’Ebre sports technology center

The athletes residence has got 44 places distributed in 22 double rooms, with the possibility of hosting the athletes or the athletes team during their preparation. It includes complementary services such as dining room, TV room, library, WI-FI, etc. As well as sports medicine, physiotherapy and technical advice.


Useful information

  • Where: Carrer de França, 21, 43870 Amposta, Tarragona, España
  • Timetable: Open every day
  • Telèfon: 977 70 74 83
  • Email: cte@amposta.cat
  • MORE INFORMATION: http://www.ampostaturismesports.cat/