Ullals de Baltasar

Unique springs.

Natural water springs from the Serra del Montsià mountain range, giving this spot a unique landscape, surrounded by eucalyptus trees beside rice fields.

Useful information

The Ullals de Baltasar are a natural discharge point of subterranean water, which comes from the rain falling on the Montsià, Massís dels Ports and Serra del Boix-Cardó mountain ranges. When water originating from these mountain ranges reaches the Ebro Delta area, it meets the argillaceous and impermeable materials of the sediments and creates these small ponds that are circular or shaped like eyes, which is where

they get their name.

In 2009, the Ebro Natural Park acquired the estate where the Ullals de Baltasar are found. There are about 50 springs of different diameters with depths ranging from 0.5 m to 9 m.

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