Les Barraques del Delta Interpretation Centre

A journey through the architecture of the Delta

The huts of the Ebro Delta are icons of this region. We invite you to discover more about our cultural and natural heritage on a journey through the architectural history of the Delta at Les Barraques del Delta Interpretation Centre.

Useful information

  • Where: Carrer de Carles I, 22, San Jaime de Enveija, España
  • Timetable: Dimarts, de 16 h a 19 h.
    De dimecres a dissabte, de 10 h a 14 h i de 16 h a 19 h.
    Diumenge, de 10 h a 14 h.
  • Telèfon: 977 702 954
  • Email: info@museuterresebre.cat

Housed in the old school of the neighbourhood of Puó, this centre lets visitors learn more about the huts as an architectural structure characteristic and unique to the Ebro Delta.

Here, you can learn about and understand this structure which plays such an important role in the heritage of the Delta. You can take a historical and cultural tour which has led to one of the Delta’s icons.

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