A region full of traditions tied to the Mediterranean

Located in the town of Sant Carles de la Ràpita, it is housed in Les Casotes, a neoclassical building dating back to 1857. The building used to be a goods warehouse.

Useful information

  • Where: Museu de la Mar de l'Ebre, Carrer Bisbe Aznar, San Carlos de la Rápita, España
  • Timetable: De dimecres a diumenge, d'11.00 h a 14.00 h i de 16.00 h a 19.00 h
  • Telèfon: 673 52 29 01
  • Email: info@museuterresebre.cat
  • MORE INFORMATION: www.museuterresebre.cat

Inside, you’ll find two exhibitions, The Ebro Sea: From Cap de Terme to Sòl-de-riu and The Ebro Sea: A Land of Fishermen and Seafarers, which explain the rich biodiversity, the importance and perils of seafaring, and the ways of life on the coast around the mouth of the Ebro. The ground floor is where the exhibition Espai Arbó, dedicated to the writer Sebastiá Juan Arbó, is held and where temporary activities are organised.

The museum is in a building that once housed the offices and workshop of the Real Compañía de Canalización del Ebro (1857-1858), which is near the fishing port and the entrance to the Ebro Delta, is the starting point for various trails and guided tours through the town and the Delta.

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