An excellent viewpoint overlooking Alfacs Bay and the Serra del Montsià mountain range

Located on the southern coast of the Ebro Delta, the Torre de Sant Joan dels Alfacs (also called Torre de Sant Joan de Bolitx) is a structure that was built on the orders of the monarch King Philip II, probably in 1576, to watch over and reinforce the defence of the port of Alfacs.

Birds that can be observed

  •  cormorants
  •  herons
  •  flamingos, common spoonbill and glossy ibis
  •  anatidae and grebes
  •  rails
  •  falcons and caracaras
  •  sandpipers
  •  seagulls and terns
  •  seabirds

It is an old defence tower found in the heart of the Ebro Delta. It was built in 1576 on the orders of King Philip II to defend against pirate attacks.

The tower is currently in ruins, but thanks to its good location, it has now become the perfect spot for birdwatching.

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