Punta del Fangar


Punta del Fangar is one peninsula that penetrate into the north of the Delta de l’Ebre, in front of the Badia del Fangar. In the middle of the peninsula is the Faro del Fangar (a lighthouse), one of the most iconic figures. The peninsula is about 6 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide. The environment consists of a system of sand dunes and mobile dunes, one of the best preserved in the Iberian Peninsula. What stands out most about the environment is the importance of the area for the breeding of seabirds, considered as a refuge and feeding area for migratory bird species. The ideal time to go there is in the spring as it is the time of bird nesting and when more seabirds can be observed.

Birds that can be observed

  •  cormorants
  •  anatidae and grebes
  •  seagulls and terns
  •  seabirds