L’Embut Observatory in l’Encanyissada lagoon

Where bats nest

The Mirador del Embut is located in an area where a few years ago rice was cultivated and it was converted to its wild state.

Birds that can be observed

  •  herons
  •  flamingos, common spoonbill and glossy ibis
  •  anatidae and grebes
  •  rails
  •  falcons and caracaras
  •  sandpipers
  •  seagulls and terns
  •  seabirds

Next to the viewpoint we can see the largest bat box in Europe.

The area of the Ebro Delta is one of the most important breeding areas for these bats, since the animal takes advantage of the summer to eat a lot and spend the winter in caves or cool places. In this sense, bats feed on all kinds of insects, especially mosquitoes, acting as biological controllers of these pests, since they are capable of eating between 500 and 1,000 mosquitoes a day.

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