Barra del Trabucador

Nature at its purest

Barra del Trabucador is a six-kilometre-long isthmus that joins the Ebro Delta and Punta de la Banya.

Birds that can be observed

  •  anatidae and grebes
  •  seagulls and terns
  •  seabirds

Despite the magnificence of the isthmus, one of Barra del Trabucador’s peculiarities is that during storms and high tide, the area may be completely flooded by seawater. This is why it’s very important to check the weather forecast when planning a visit to this area.

The beaches of Barra del Trabucador are long, with fine sand and shallow waters. The water temperature tends to be warm and their waters crystal clear.

As it’s a very peaceful area, it’s the perfect place to watch birds inhabiting this area or those in transit. Barra del Trabucador is the one of the Delta’s most photographed landmarks, particularly at sunset.

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