Area of historical symbol formed by Arab and medieval walls. Current urban point of leisure and public and cultural facilities.

The castle of Amposta is located on a small elevation of conglomerate rock, Iberian settlement, on the right bank of the river Ebro, 11m above sea level and to the right of the entrance to the city by the Suspension Bridge, on the same facade of the urban and historic center.
It is a historic building that preserves the remains and structures of the Andalusian defense system (10th century), the count castle (14th-15th centuries), defense tower (14th century) and enclosure wall (12th-15th century).
Inside the castle there are some remains of fortifications, preserving part of the medieval defensive structure.
Formerly it had the function of a strategic point on the Ebre river.
Part of Amposta’s cultural activity is currently concentrated, with facilities such as the Art School, the Sebastià Juan Arbó Library and the Institut d’Estudis Comarcals.

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