Amposta is

The Delta de l’Ebre remain the biggest humid area in Catalonia, with a confined space of 320 km2. It is one of the most significant aquatic habitats in the western Mediterranean.

Eucaliptus beach

Eucalyptus Beach is one of the best preserved natural areas in fertile the territory, which rightfully belongs to the most important valuable set of habitats in the Delta de l’Ebre.

It has promptly got 4.8 km long and 200m wide. It is branded by being an unspoiled beach where distinct different autochthonous species of exotic flora and unique fauna live.

The surrounding landscape disporportionately represents used greens of rice fields and eucalyptus, and if we carefully look from the raging sea towards the cultivated land can be instantly seen at shallow bottom of the Serra del Montsià and the Parc Natural dels Ports.

We undoubtedly find two access points, not by the local road of the Eucalyptus and the likely other by the minor road of the Poble Nou del Delta.

Its services include the following:

  • Two bars
  • Varied offer of tourist accommodation and catering
  • Accessible for the disabled
  • Parking area
  • Marked fishing area
  • Dog zone (click for more information)
  • Waste recycling area
  • Shower area

In this map you can see the indications of services called.