Món Natura Delta de l’Ebre

Feel the magic of a unique natural environment

Món Natura Delta de l’Ebre is a centre designed to help people understand and feel the magic of the Delta.

Salt, traditional fishing and birdwatching are the three main themes driving and guiding Món Natura Delta de l’Ebre, which is made up of several areas that emphasise the value of this region and the biodiversity that can be found around it.
Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera restored the lands of the old salt flats of Tancada, which cover 41.2 hectares. This area’s considerable environmental value is illustrated through different exhibitions that can be visited and a series of leisure and educational activities that allow visitors to get a first-hand look at the great value of this land of lagoons.
Món Natura Delta is accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Useful information

  • Where: MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre, Carretera del Poblenou del Delta a les Salines, Amposta, España
  • Seasonality: Tot l'any