Declared a wildlife reserve, it is an appropriate point to dedicate it to birdwatching. Enjoy a morning of cycling and family life full of fun, accompanied at all times by one of our guides!

La Tancada

In 1992 La Tancada lagoon was declared a wildlife reserve, a protected status that prohibits hunting. Fishing can only be carried out by the San Pedro fishermen’s guild, in compliance with the regulations. The lagoon has typical freshwater vegetation with species such as reeds and different macrophytes. In the areas close to the coast, vegetation more typical of saline environments predominates. The fauna of the lagoon is rich and diverse, with large flocks of coots and different species of ducks that spend the winter, while in summer there are Audouin’s gulls, terns and terns. From the viewpoint you can observe one of the most representative birds of the Ebro Delta, the flamingo. As for fish, there are numerous species of marine waters: gilthead bream, sole, sea bass, mullet and eels. Among the aquatic invertebrates, shrimps and terrestrial insects stand out.

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  • Saturday 17th of April
  • Saturday 15th of May
  • Saturday 29th of May
  • Saturday 19th of June
  • Sunday 11th of July
  • Sunday 25th of July
  • Sunday 8th of August
  • Sunday 22nd of August
  • Saturday 11th of September

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  • Where: TV-3405, 42, 43870 Amposta, Tarragona, Espanya
  • Seasonality: From April to September
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